Titles in My Portfolio

Developmental Editing

Cheri Baker: Involuntary Turnover and Orientation to Murder (cozy mysteries)

Danny Bernstein: Forests, Alligators, and Battlefields (nonfiction, travel memoir)

Lindsey Cox: Hiding (urban fantasy)

Emily Fortney: The Faintly Beating Heart and Bound by Freedom (YA fantasy)

Andy Graham: The Lords of Misrule series (dystopian sci-fi, political thriller); I Died Yesterday (short-story collection); An Angel Fallen (paranormal novella)

Austin HelmsOrientation to Graduation: Stories & Advice from a Real College Student

Carl E. Linke: The Secret of the Gullah Treasure (historical fiction)

Sally Mason: Trapped (thriller); Survive (thriller); War Brides (thriller)

Kathy Mazalatis: Finish Line (romance)

Tracie Puckett: Breaking Rules series (NA romance), Running Scared (romantic suspense), Sutton Woods series (NA romance)

Glen Robins: Off Kilter series (thriller)

Miral Sattar and Abigail Carter: 24 Hours to . . . series (nonfiction, publishing industry)

Manuscript Evaluation

Marsha Cornelius: A Tale of Moral Corruption (science fiction); Up to No Good (mystery)

Elicia Hyder: The Siren, The Angel of Death, Taken (urban fantasy)

Line Editing or Copyediting 

Lenny Bernstein: The Great Rebellion: Book One of the Autobiography of William Watson  and The King’s Own Virginians: Book Two of the Autobiography of William Watson (alternate history)

Stuart Burkhalter: Catawampus: The Fertility Process from a Man’s Perspective (memoir)

Mary Jane Capps: Crescent (YA contemporary)

Eric Edstrom: Child of Lies (dystopian sci-fi)

Catherine Farley: Mischievous Mimi Explores Seabrook Island (picture book)

Jessica Haight and Stephanie Robinson: Fairday Morrow and the Talking Library (middle grade fantasy)

Justin HebertThe People’s Champion; One World, One People (fantasy)

Anesa Miller: To Boldly Go (personal essays), Our Orbit (literary fiction)

Elena Paige: Lolli’s World (children’s meditation series)

Helen PaigeEat Like an Elephant, Look Like an Angel (self-help)

Tracie Puckett: Just a Little series (NA romance)

Kitty Rankin: How Do You Know When God Is Speaking to You? (spiritual)

Carin Siegfried: The Insider’s Guide to a Career in Book Publishing (nonfiction)

Susan Skog: Mending the Sisterhood & Ending Women’s Bullying

Rhonda SmileyAsper

A.L. Toigt: New Age Religion (dystopian, sci-fi)

Calandra Usher: The Gospels of Cal’eia (urban fantasy)

Deanne Wilsted: Molto Mayhem (contemporary romance)

Currently Seeking Publication

Glenda Blaisdell-Buck: Drowned

John Brown: ThunderClap

Sally Byrd:

Mary Jane Capps: Iloray

Brianna CrumpAstridia

Kate Farrell: Woman Wonder Tales

Druscilla French: Solstice on Ice

Susan Hampar: The Fork

Ginger Hanson: Butterfly Bride

Lina Hanson: In My Attic

Tim Lewis: Reaching for Giants

Donna LittWhere the Sun Sets

Ginna Leatherbury: Always the Blood

Steve Physioc: The Walls of Lucca

Vivian Soren: Gemini Adams: Girl Astro Detective in Planets Don’t Lie