Ayers Edits Supports Junior NaNoWriMo

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“I loved it! Nicole Ayers gave me the courage to try an immense project with my students that I know I would not have tackled on my own.” ~ Lipi Pratt, teacher

What: Junior NaNoWriMo  is the Young Writers Program sponsored by NaNoWriMo. Still confused? NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, a nonprofit program that encourages people to produce a first-draft novel (i.e., write 50,000 words) during the month of November. No need to panic, though! Student word counts are set by teachers.

Nicole Ayers provides the support teachers and students need to tackle such a large project. She breaks the process into manageable pieces and provides the enthusiasm and encouragement students need to stay motivated. As an industry expert, she can also answer the many questions teachers and students will have along the way.

Who: This program is for students in fifth through eighth grades. Parents will need to order student books via CreateSpace, which will cost approximately $3 for one book. Scholarships available.

When: This long-term project spans October to February, with the bulk of the writing happening in November. Note that there will be blocks of time available for other writing lessons.

Where: This program takes place in your classroom or the computer lab, depending upon your access to technology. Nicole will make classroom visits as well as participate in Google Hangouts to answer questions and to keep students motivated.

Why: Teach the fundamentals of writing and cover writing standards three through six in an authentic, real-world environment. Still unsure? See what Nicole’s fifth-grade pilot classroom had to say about the experience:

“Very fun! Mrs. Ayers was very helpful, nice, and supportive and was definitely a massive part in the making of the book!” ~ Student A

“I got to write a book!!! Not everyone gets a chance to do that.” ~ Student B

“It was fun that we got to have a book in the end with OUR names as the author.” ~ Student C