Welcome to Ayers Edits! 

word maven extraordinaire, Ive been working and playing with words for decades. As an award-winning author, I understand the importance of the author-editor relationship, and as a teacher at heart, know how to guide clients in creating and polishing manuscripts they are proud to share with the world. Nicole Ayers - Editor

I offer editing services for writers who want to work with an experienced editor, who want to improve their craft, and who want to produce writing that readers wont forget.

Is that you? 

I can help you navigate tricky plots, confusing style guides, and difficult grammar rules. Most importantly, I can help you tell your stories.

Our stories are powerful creations, and I stand with those whose stories have been silenced because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, financial status, body size, education level, age, beliefs, ability, or ethnicity. You, and your stories, are welcome here. 

If you think we’d make a great team, please get in touch so we can begin the conversation. 

Nicole’s insightful feedback, fresh perspectives, and genuine encouragement guided my revisions and made my manuscript stronger. I loved working with her! 
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