My name is Nicole Ayers, and I have worked with writers for more than a decade.  As a former educator, I had the privilege to teach writers of all ages and abilities. Believe me when I say that I’ve read a lot of writing—writing so awful that I gnashed my teeth and acted like a wild thing and writing so beautiful that I sat in silence, in awe of the talent before me.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t find myself lost in someone else’s words.  Even before I could read, I spent hours, in my mother’s lap, listening to stories.  Like many readers, I eventually wanted to write my own stories.  I found work with a National Writing Project affiliate.  This is where I learned that I excel at helping other writers find their best voice.

A little office pizazz. Artwork by Mica Gadhia

A little office pizazz. Artwork by Mica Gadhia

Getting to work with writers and play with language is my dream job. I pinch myself every morning to make sure that this is my life. I love the moment when all the puzzle pieces of a novel click together in my head and I know exactly what suggestions will help the author improve the manuscript. I love taming nefarious commas with the Chicago Manual of Style. I love helping writers turn their rough manuscripts into polished prose. Can you tell that I love my job?

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In addition to being an editor, I am a storyteller. I write vulnerable books that share my love for my body and detail my journey to this place of acceptance and joy with her. Learn more about my stories and experiences here.