Q: Do I need editing services?
Yes, you do. It is almost impossible to revise and proofread your own writing.  An editor looks at your manuscript with fresh eyes and without the emotional attachment you have for your writing.  If you want to produce the best manuscript that you can, then you should invest in editing services.

Q: How much will editing cost?
Each writer’s needs are different. Cost will depend on word count and services desired.

Q: Why should I choose you over another editor?
I have experience working with many writers of varying abilities.  I understand the mechanics of solid writing, and I can give you a better shot at being published.  If you’re self-publishing your work, I can provide quality control for your book. Communication is one of my strengths, and I promise to be responsive to your needs.  I will commit myself fully to your project and meet all deadlines.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will be published?
No.  Unfortunately, no editor can.  However, a well-edited manuscript gives you a much better chance of being noticed by an agent.

Q: Does my manuscript need developmental editing or proofreading?
The answer is both.  You’ll also need copyediting. Developmental editing focuses on the flow and clarity of your work; copyediting homes in on grammar, spelling, and continuity; and proofreading provides the final polish that you need.  The three services are very different, and your manuscript will need all three.  It is recommended that proofreading take place after all revisions have been made and formatting is complete.

Q: What does your editing process look like?
First I like to talk to you via Skype or the phone to ensure I understand exactly what you need. Once I receive your deposit, signed editorial agreement, and manuscript, I will begin work.  I will use Track Changes and Comments to make suggestions. No changes will be made to your manuscript without your approval.  Upon completion of services and final payment, I will return your manuscript digitally.  I will include an editorial summary or style sheet with your manuscript depending on the service provided.

Q: What is your turn-around time for a completed project?
Because every manuscript is different, completion time can vary. Schedule availability is also a factor to consider. I will promise to meet all deadlines.  Rush jobs will be available for an additional fee.

Q: What if I have a great idea for a story, but I don’t know how to get started?
I am available to work with you on a consultative basis to jumpstart your writing.  Contact me for pricing.