DuPont Forest: A History

“Every writer needs a book coach. It should not be your spouse, your best friends, your mother and certainly not your adult children. Writers need a professional book coach. And no one is better than Nicole Ayers.

A book coach, like any coach, helps your book become the best it can be. A coach helps the writer move the book along. In my case, I knew that I wanted to write a book about the history of DuPont Forest. I had lots of writing pieces, but I needed feedback. Was my writing clear, did the flow make sense, was it repetitious? And most important to me, was it interesting? 

Nicole knows how to ask the difficult questions that help move your manuscript along. Every athlete, no matter how accomplished, has a coach. In fact, the more talented and famous an athlete is, the more she or he depends on a coach. A coach motivates a writer when everyone else around you is tired of listening about the great book you’re going to write eventually.

A book coach is not an editor. Before you send your book to a professional editor your manuscript should be as polished as possible; it should flow. Nicole happens to be a great editor as well, but those two functions are very separate.

I am recommending Nicole Ayers as a book coach wholeheartedly.”

Danny Bernstein

hiker, hike leader, an outdoor author

Steve Physioc

author of The Walls of Lucca and Walks with the Wind 

The Walls of Lucca

“Nicole Ayers is my Obi-Wan-Editobi. When it comes to writing, Nicole is my only hope. 

I have been working with Ayers Edits for almost four years on three separate books. She took my haphazard array of words, commas, semicolons, and semi-doubt and turned it into the award-winning, two-book series, The Walls of Lucca. Needless to say, I leaned on Nicole for everything from plot to character development to dialogue to sentence structure, and I truly believe that the only reason my books won Literary Awards from ReaderViews and Readers Favorite was because of the brilliance of Nicole. Ayers Edits is absolutely the best! “

Love on the Edge

“Wowza! I am in awe of you. Your care and attention to detail has taken this story to the next level! You’ve worked magic, making extraneous adverbs and dialogue tags disappear and rearranging my words so prettily. I’ve learned so much from you about editing during this process. I’m wicked thankful you had the space to squeeze me in!” 

Kerry Evelyn

author of the Crane’s Cove series

The Soul Summoner

“I can’t imagine ever publishing a word without Nicole Ayers’s red checkmark of approval. She is absolutely essential to my business and my writing.”

Elicia Hyder

author of The Soul Summoner series

The Magicians’ Convention

“I have been working with Nicole Ayers for the last four years, and I have gone from strength to strength with her guidance, meticulous editing, and sensitivity for each and every word I write. I always send my finished manuscript to her thinking it’s perfect in every way, and when I get it back with a million corrections, I’m so grateful I hired her. Whether it’s making my sentences shine, reconsidering my plot or character decisions, or making sure what I say is appropriate for a wide range of readers, she never skips a beat. Her editing has transformed my writing and my writing career from average to exceptional. I will continue to work with her for as long as she continues to edit, and I’m so very grateful. I feel confident in putting my books out into the world, knowing they are as good as any traditionally published books, because Nicole edited them.”

Elena Paige

a children’s and teen author with a background in counselling psychology

Long Journey Back

I truly value your expertise, help, encouragement, follow-up, follow through with feedback/information requested in a timely manor, dependability, thoroughness. You’re a great recourse for information. I acknowledge the fact that I’ve grown so much in regard to my writing skill and knowledge while working with you over the past few years. And I’m excited to see where my relationship in working with you takes me in the future. Red carpet? Best-selling author? Or just the fact that I’m very pleased and proud of how my writing continues to improve and gain substance with your guidance and help. 

Jeanne Bandolina


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