Differentiating between editorial services can be a challenge. Read the descriptions for an overview of the editorial services I offer. If you still have questions after reading the descriptions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I primarily edit fiction, but the occasional nonfiction manuscript catches my eye. I read widely and can edit a variety of genres.

Current Services and Rates:

Developmental Editing:
Does your story make sense?  Do your characters read like real people?  Are there timeline issues that need to be addressed? During developmental editing, I will evaluate your manuscript for overall clarity and flow.  With fiction manuscripts, I evaluate plot, character development, pacing, point of view, setting, timeline, and tone. With nonfiction manuscripts, focus is on organization, content, readability, point of view, tone, and comps. Specific suggestions are provided to aid you during the revision process. The manuscript will be returned with comments throughout, and a detailed multi-page editorial summary will be provided as part of this service.

Up to an hour of follow-up is budgeted into each project. Additional time will be charged an hourly fee of $50, billed in fifteen-minute increments. Second-pass edits are also available at half the original fee.

Fees begin at $0.025 per word.

Manuscript Evaluation:
Manuscript evaluations are similar to developmental edits and are appropriate for writers who need less direction during the revision process. I evaluate the manuscript for strengths and weaknesses as described in developmental editing. A detailed multi-page summary will be provided with general suggestions to improve the manuscript.

Fees begin at $0.01 per word.

Line Editing:
Line editing offers more detailed suggestions for your manuscript at the sentence level.  At this stage, I will tinker with the words of your manuscript, focusing on dialogue and word choice. I will make suggestions to improve sentence structure and avoid repetition. As part of line editing, I will copyedit the manuscript. A detailed style sheet will be provided as part of this service.

Fees begin at $0.02 per word.

Line Editing Plus:

Do you want a line edit but still need some content advice? Consider this option. I’ll complete a thorough line edit and leave content suggestions in the manuscript as relevant.

Fees begin at $0.025 per word.

Publishing Consultations and Book Coaching:
The learning curve to write and publish your book, whether you’re self-publishing or following the traditional path, is steep. I’m available if you need help. This service is customizable to the client. Possibilities include but are not limited to: one-on-one meetings, blog management, query letter help, organizing your self-publishing process, building your team.

Fees begin at $50 per hour.

Want to package multiple editing services? 

Check It Twice: This package works best for novice writers or a more experienced writer trying something new. It includes a developmental edit, a second-round developmental edit after revisions, line edits, and blurb help. Fees begin at $0.05 per word.

Covering the Basics : This package includes a developmental edit and a copyedit. Fees begin at $0.035 per word.

You’re a Pro: This package is for the seasoned writer who has a good handle on story structure and grammar basics. It includes a manuscript evaluation and copyedit.  Fees tailored to word count.

Create Your Own: If you’d like more than one service but want to tweak things, just let me know.

The Details:

A signed editorial agreement and a 25 percent deposit are due at the time services are contracted.  The deposit is nonrefundable. The remaining balance will be due upon completion. You may pay for services online using PayPal.

Expedited jobs are available for a rush fee.

If you would like to sample my editorial skills before committing to an agreement, I am happy to complete a sample line edit.