Why do you write? There’s no correct answer, of course, but it’s important to understand your why. By which I mean the reason that will sustain you when the writing gets tough.

Because it will get tough.

And when it does, what will allow you to find your grit and persevere?

Some folks, who respond well to accountability, write because they have a deadline. For others, they won’t eat, or pay any of the bills, if they don’t write. And for others still, writing creates the space in their brains they need to find peace.

For me, when writing Love Letters to My Body, I had a message that I felt compelled to share with my daughters first, and then other women. And by compelled, I mean I knew I wouldn’t be using the gifts I’ve been given to their fullest potential if I didn’t write this story. And I don’t want to leave this life with anything left to regret.

So what’s your “why”?

Sometimes the answer comes to you immediately, and other times, you have to sit with this question. Think about on your next walk. Sit in silence. Journal until you write a response that feels true in your bones.

Be prepared that multiple “why”s may arise. Often, there’s a singular reason driving us, but there are nuanced layers that add fuel to our desire to share our words and stories. I’d love to know why you write. Reply and share your why with me!

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